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"Everything revolves around Injectionmolds. Because we're good at it and we like doing it."


We design injection molding tools.

This is our origin and specialty.

We combine the economic interests of tool making and injection molding in our designs.


We compute and interpret simulations for thermoplastic injection molding. We adapt our effort to the job. So you get the results you need, without excessive costs.


We offer solutions for optimizations in part design. We do this with experience and a focus on the production process.

project planning

We provide you with security for Mold quoting. With concepts, we show solutions and at the same time check the technical feasibility. This way, quotes become transparent and your success tangible.


We are service providers for CAD /CAM

training from  Cimatron.

We are the users who will take you further after the basic training.

Tips, tricks and best practice.

"Our service should be of maximum use to you.

Personal contact with you is very important to us.

Because conversations have more content than e-mails. "

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